Nvidia reveals Kai, sub-$200 quad-core Android tablet platform

By Shawn Knight ยท 4 replies
May 23, 2012
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  1. There have been rumblings of a sub-$200 Nvidia tablet for several months but thus far, nothing has materialized. Nvidia teamed up with Asus at CES to showcase a $250 quad-core...

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  2. Kindle Fire is only 199$ because Amazon approaches it like ink-jet printers. They make their profit off of the "ink".
  3. No one knows that Guest. Its thought that they lose money on them but Amazon has never commented.
  4. I have been waiting to see what 730T would finally end up being, hopefully it is close to the original specs as it was announced at CES. Perhaps this new Kai platform will allow it to be sold for $199 price point so many have been wanting to achieve. I just hope the specs are not scrimped on to much to achieve a lower price point. Personally I am wanting a higher end 7 inch device with some good specs, the 730T tablet as announced at CES was just such a device to me, and well worth the $249 they were asking. But hey I'm not stupid, give me those same specs for $49 less I would be happy.
  5. better hope apple doesn't come out with a 7" tablet first

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