NYPD reportedly testing a high-tech police cruiser

Himanshu Arora

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As part of a new program called NYPD2020, the New York Police Department is testing a prototype "smart car" that can do a lot more than just carting officers from one place to another. According to a report from The...

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I thought they already did this. What's a police state without automated logging of all civilian activity?

Chuck Cortes

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One the one hand you wanna believe that such tech would be great to catch criminals, but on the other it sucks that it requires to treat everyone as a criminal in order to achieve this and in the process a lot of innocent people will have their lives ruined or at the least interrupted every time these systems make errors.

Personally I would rather cops work harder if it means less innocent people getting screwed.


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I don't have a problem with this, because the surveillance is done from a distance. Using my own equipment is an invasion of personal privacy that is unacceptable. Put a camera on every mailbox for all I care, but keep the **** off my personal phones and PCs.


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Wonderful... More ammunition to support New York's unconstitutional stop and frisk, guilty until proven innocent police state mindset.


That's great news. The more civil liberties we are willing to relinquish, the safer we are from terrorists. God bless the US of A.


We have that for years here in Montreal and I guess it's not only Montreal but the SQ (Sureté du Québec) as well


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I wonder if the venerable old Ford Crown Victoria will be programmed to call in at Dunkin Donuts every half hour to keep their overworked operators supplied...


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While the idea sounds nice for stolen vehicles, I feel that this can be easily abused in the future. And as a NY resident, this sounds like some real ***.

Although now that I think about it, what's to say they don't already do this with the thousands of security cameras? I guess the only difference would be that this method is in real time?


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They have to do what they have too. All those with parking, speeding and running the traffic light tickets fines are not paid will be in so much trouble! If your wanted, your goose is cooked! Here they do that with the still cams and 360 spinning-cam at the traffic lights. Real bad here with those items at the traffic lights. Some intersections here you best not try to jump the light if you do you get a $158 ticket sent to you. Surprise! Now that the Fire department can turn switch the lights from green to red on you. I have to watch out for that as well. On the Highway here if you speed over the speed limit there are senors on the poles to measure your speed. Most do 70 to 80 mph here in 65 mph.

Operation centipede on the highway was done in CT capital area to test and catch several drivers trying to get to work. The way this had worked is like this.

First State Trooper - monitors you:
Second State Trooper - tracks you:
Third State Trooper - goes after you:


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I wonder if the venerable old Ford Crown Victoria will be programmed to call in at Dunkin Donuts every half hour to keep their overworked operators supplied...
Won't it be ironic when the cameras on the venerable Crown Vicky start recording that the cops driving it, are parked at Dunkin Donuts for the 8th or so time on any given day.

Then the cameras should be dosed with spyware which calls and reports it to the local TV station.

When you come right down to it, all George Orwell had wrong, was the year.....:D