NZXT Apollo case - Front fan installation

By mancream · 6 replies
Aug 25, 2009
  1. Okay, I need help with this. I can't seem to install a front fan, it shows it can fit but there are things that block it. Is there anything I need to unscrew? Those who have done this let me know, pictures will help a lot.

    Location: Front bottom right side

    Marked it with red and green, ignore everything else...just pay attention on the location part.

    Marked red as what blocks it
    Marked green as the spot where it would fit without it being blocked.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. captaincranky

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    It looks like you might have to pull both video cards, (at least to lower one), and the drive cage between them and the fan position. Since the photo lacks sufficient detail, I can't say for certain if that cage is in fact, removable.

    Also, another thing I'm not seeing how open the front of the cage facing the fan is, to permit airflow in the first place.

    Some cases have removable front panels, but the fan still goes in from the rear. (The case front comes off for cleaning the filters that are sometimes present).

    You should hit the product page at Newegg; Then follow the links to the manufacturers product page. Maybe you can download the manual.
  3. fimbles

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    It is possible to buy "slim" case fans that may suit your needs. like this :

    But as captaincranky points out it does not look like there are any holes for the fan to suck air in to the case.

    Google is your best friend for this! Good luck :)
  4. captaincranky

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    I wondering if you might not be able to use that lower drive cage at all, if the fan is installed (.) (!) or possibly (?)

    There are seven other bays......! But, according to the product info at
    Newegg there are >> 5 << external 3.5 inch drive bays.

    It looks like there is air intake but no throughput, since the side of the lower HDD cage looks closed, :confused:
  5. mancream

    mancream TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, I checked the manual. It was simple, bottom 2 screws of the case. The WHOLE front panel comes off, pull it from the bottom...what keeps it in is 6 plastic things (don't worry you won't break it just pull it). You can screw the fan from there and insert it when you got the 2 screws out from harddrive cage.

    By the way, I found that picture online and edited it so really its not my graphic cards. I've got 4870 ;)
  6. captaincranky

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    As I'm sure you'll see, this epiphany you've had was the same thing I said in the first post.
  7. C0u64R

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    fan mounting

    I mounted a 120mm fan to my case exactly like this one in the front... I had this problem too where the fan would not fit inside but I mounted it outside the case and ran the power chord through a small hole in the front. I am somewhat un-happy with this design and wish they would’ve made more room for an outside mounted fan... Had to cut a fair bit of plastic to get it to close all the way.. Yay for better air ventilation.
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