Obama sets world record for fastest time to 1 million Twitter followers

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May 20, 2015
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  1. Barack Obama has set a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach one million Twitter followers, after the President of the United States took control of the @POTUS account a few days ago. 

    The record-breaking time Obama managed to set was "less than five hours", according to Guinness officials, smashing the old record held by Robert Downey Jr. of 23 hours and 22 minutes. However the @POTUS account currently lags behind @RobertDowneyJr for total followers, at 2.1 million versus 4.5 million.

    The record for fastest time to one million followers isn't the only record President Obama holds. His other account, @BarackObama, has the most followers of any politician at nearly 60 million. The tweet of Obama and his wife embracing after his 2012 re-election is also still in the top three most retweeted tweets of all time.

    The new @POTUS account will be directly controlled by Obama himself, with the White House confirming that tweets from the account will be "coming exclusively from him". Obama also said that "the handle comes with the house", indicating control will transfer to the next US President following the 2016 presidential election.

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  2. davislane1

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  3. MilwaukeeMike

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  4. davislane1

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    I have it on good authority that Kim Jong Un uses illegal clubs and chips onto conical greens.
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  5. cliffordcooley

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    Keep your enemies closer!
  6. cmbjive

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    Besides, if POTUS belongs to the US government, wouldn't be safe to assume that ALL presidents, past and future, have 1 million followers and counting?
  7. cmbjive

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    Are you sure that was Kim Jong Un? I thought it was Tiger Woods who just photoshopped his body onto Kim Jong Un's face.
  8. yRaz

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    Birth certificate can't melt steel beams

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