Oblivion and SLI.

By frankenwookie
Jul 26, 2006
  1. Has anyone had any luck with elder scroll in an SLI configuration? I have tried with no performance gain, actually performance is worse. Any suggestions from the community.
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    What cards are u running in SLI? Also, update ur system specs in ur profile so u do not need to be asked for them from time to time. They will be necessary in this case. Use Everest Home Edition or SIW to get these. They include:
    Motherboard make and chipset make
    RAM(type, speeds, no. of sticks)
    HDD(configuration, types, number of HDDs)
    Video Card
    Sound Card(if not onboard)
    PSU Wattage and Amps on 12V rail(give us these by looking at the sticker on ur power supply unit)
    Any custom cooling u have installed(extra fans, third party socket/video card coolers
    Versions of DirectX and NVIDIA Forceware drivers installed

    Also check this page below out for more info on how Oblivion runs on SLI and single card configurations.
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