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By fpresiado
Jan 31, 2014
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  1. Which is better drivers from hp or drivers from amd.com can some one explain why which is better because I was wondering for a long time now. should I stick with oem or amd drivers. my laptop is hp envy dv7 7230us. I heard that drivers from oem have special drivers made for laptops im not to sure what makes it special, but at the same time getting drivers from manufacturer provides better support for the latest software.
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    Manufacturer's don't always have the latest update drivers for their products. If the product is over a year old. Hp is one good for not having updates for their products. If you can find a updated driver from the site where your video chip, sound card or network controller is made . You are better off. If you check the driver page here at techspot . You may find some updates for your laptop.
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    IMO Some additional points:

    1. The driver that appears on the OEM website is the latest version the OEM has tested and verified works with their hardware. If things aren't working (or just if you want to try) CREATE A SYSTEM RESTORE POINT and then try the newer mfr driver. But be sure to have the old driver still available if you need to fall back

    2. In theory, OEMs may modify the mfr driver to better suit their hardware. (that's what you probably heard reference to). (In practice, I think you can treat this just like point 1) above.)

    3. Another good general rule, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Don't go looking for newer drivers unless something is broken OR the newer driver has some real value missing from the current one.
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