Old mic broke, got new mic, still not working

By benation
Jul 5, 2011
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  1. So...

    My cables to my headset got stuck in my chair and pulled tight on the ports where they were plugged in, long story short the microphone stopped working. I took the microphone down to my local PC world and made sure to ask if the micro phone was working on their PCs (to make sure it was certainly the microphone that was at fault). Sure enough the microphone wasn't working and so I got a new microphone.

    After getting the new microphone home I installed the drivers and went through the general set up process, the microphone does not work however. It is definitely unmuted, and it says in the recording settings "device working properly", the sound works so I assume its not a sound card issue, but I have no idea when it comes to this. I have done most the simple things etc, so Im hoping some one could tell me if there is any chance it is my sound card that is at fault, or if it is something obvious I have missed perhaps, although I doubt that,

    *extra stuff that might help solve the problem* when I listen to the mic in recording options I only hear a hiss, when I use the skype sound test it is yellow ie; it detects the microphone but it says "your microphone is very quiet", however my microphone is at full volume.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. benation

    benation TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Never mind, the mic was just fixxed in loosly x(

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