Old Shuttle hot-555a Ram Upgrade

By deef
May 5, 2008
  1. Hi!

    I own an "ancient" pc with a shuttle hot-555a mobo (cpu: intel pentium mmx 200@250 Mhz, graphic card: s3 virge 1-2 mb... :haha:).
    I have 32 mb edoram installed, and some time ago i tried to upgrade the memory. So i put in one of the two sdram slots a 128 mb pc100 sdram (after removing 32 mb edo): the post showed only 32 mb! After that, i tried to put in the other slot a 128 mb pc133 sdram, and the post now shows 65 mb. Looking at mobo manual, it seems that 128 mb ram is supported, but 100 or 133mhz are above the mobo frequency (75-83 Mhz). can this cause the incorrect detection? or what else?

    thanks before :cool:
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