On startup, All programs 'Has stopped working'

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Aug 3, 2009
  1. Hey guys,
    I've got Windows Vista and when I log in basically all the programs/processes will get the error 'has stopped working' and will look to resolve the issue, which never works. I tried safe-mode and running a virus scan as that's as far as my computer repairing techniques goes, when running in safe-mode it seems to work fine but when running in safe-mode with networking I'll get the recurring ''*Program* has stopped working' and windows will look to resolve the problem.

    I still get the same problem, and I've looked around and some people have just said system restore but I was wondering if there is any way of stopping these errors.

    Thanks guys,
  2. Bobbye

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    Errors can't be stopped until we find the cause.I checked you specs an am not sure about the RAM:
    Mem: 2x Hynudai Electronics 1024MB, 2x Samsung 512MB

    Total for Vista should be at least 2GB. Can you explain the numbers above?

    You also need to explain this more clearly:
    I doubt it actually says 'stopped working', so I need the exact error message.
    And does the system crash?
    Do you lose the internet connection?
    What type of programs 'stop working'?
    How many do you have running at the same time?
  3. British_Command

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    'Windows Explorer has stopped working. Windows is searching for a solution. Windows Explorer is restarting'

    That is an example of the error message but instead of Windows Explorer it will be replaced with another program, for instance like Windows Live Messenger. I'll also be bombarded with '0x*********' Explorer.exe memory errors meaning I can't do anything as the explorer keeps restarting itself after an '0x**********' error.

    All startup programs will crash, and my internet connection remains intact, startup programs/processes like windows live messenger, creative sound, firefox, but it is nothing specific to a particular process.

    In total I have 3gb RAM , 2x 1024mb and 2x 512mb, so that'll be 3072mb, commonly rounded to 3gb RAM, atleast I think that's how memory is summed up.

    I've also tried disabling User Account Control (UAC) and this has not worked, this is a suggested fix for this particular error.

  4. raybay

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    This appears to be the result of an infestation to me.
    Can you get it running long enough to install from a flash drive Avast Antivirus or Avira Antivir, as well as Spyware Sweeper, Spyware Doctor, SuperAntiSpywree, MalwareBytes (at least two of these)
    To see if you have infestations messing with your system?
    We are seeing a lot of similar issues cause by one of the leading bad guys.
  5. British_Command

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    Yeah I think so, I'll try all those

    Although I just ran 'Dr. Web AntiVirus Aid' and so far it's found nothing...
  6. Bobbye

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    Understand the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer are NOT the same thing.

    It sound like you might mean Internet Explorer as Windows Explorer can't be replaced by Windows Live Messenger. Internet Explorer is a browser. Windows Explorer is the file file manager application.

    Is there some reason why you're **** out these error messages? Having the full string might help with a resolution.

    Understand the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer are NOT the same thing.

    Suggest using the Event Viewer in Vista. Look for Errors that correspond to the times of the Explorer crashes:
    How To use The Event Viewer in Vista:
  7. TheEpicIce

    TheEpicIce TS Rookie

    I think i found the problem

    Okay guys please Reply on this message who have the problem!
    Okay say me if you have any viruses ? (yes ) (No)
    Did your anti-virus said something about (Suspicious.MH690.A) (Yes) (No)
    Dide your Anti-Virus said something about svchost.exe? ( Yes ) (No)
    Please Reply to me only on this 4 Questions.
    If you have a solution Here is what happened to me before this was.
    Okay i startp my pc than logged on My Norton said IT has found a virus/Un Trustble Program and said something about svchost.exe(Suspicious.MH690.A)
    i try to fix it manually but norton said my pc is safe i wanted to remove virus so the virus/Un trustble program was in C:\Windows\Temp
    and there was a folder also in what it was i deleted folder and made a new one with same name but than it goedd to other folder ( The problem was when after couple of dayd when the Virus/Un Trustble program was found) ( it was already when i was deleteing and creating the folder it was in ) so it goed to other folder but still was in Temp i deleted that folder and diden,t renew it. Norton stopped this warning but problem was not solvedd when ever i open a program it says (program name) has stopped working. Photoshop was working fine but today it has stopped working also the Adobe suppport said spacial fix the fix diden,t iven,t update becouse when i run it and when it,s refreshing windows information it says behind the Process % Windows something error and there was only cancel button.
    If you have a solution please tell me here is my Spec:
    Windows Vista Home Basic. Service Pack 2.Memory Ram : 2 GB.32 - bit operating system.Video card : 256 MB. Intel 82945G Express Chipest Family.Internal.Intel Video BIOS.
    Sorry if i typed something wrong.
    Please Reply if you have a solution.
    yes i think i foudn a problem but not solution i think my problem is in SVCHOST.exe also i forgot Norton was blocking SVCHOST but when i deleted folder in Temp where it was it stopped but SVCHOST is in system 32 becouse SVCHOST is system...
  8. Bobbye

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    This thread is 6 months old. If you suspect a malware infection, please start your own thread. Follow the steps HERE.

    When finished, attach the 3 logs for review.

    Leave out all the reply. Focus on the problem in as few words as possible- on the NEW thread..

    This thread was for the use of member British_Command only and is now closed. If you have a malware problem, please follow the steps in the Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal thread first.

    Start as new thread to post your problem and attach your logs.
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