"One Sony" initiative to focus on three key markets to revitalize business

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Following a poor fiscal year, Sony has come forward with a set of initiatives designed to revitalize the sluggish business. The “One Sony” strategy will focus on games, mobile and…

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I want more Sony innovation.
I love my Sony products, but lately i haven't seen enough Sony unique items.
They used to be the best at coming out with gadgets that nobody else could.
I want a new floppy disc format. usb keys don't cut it. they're hard to write on. i miss writing on floppies with a sharpie.


Sony is still around? I haven't bought or even remotely considered buying anything from them for the better half of the past decade.

They need to stop using proprietary everything if they actually want to stand a chance against Samsung which is probably a good 4+ times the size of sony now.


Poor Sony just can't seem to get it right. The NEX are great camera bodies but the choice of lenses is absurdly poor. They've released as many bodies as they have lenses. Never mind ONE SONY, they need to pull their finger out and INCREASE the range of products available.


Sony is better than samsung by a mile... If you need a quality product then buy Sony or Panasonic. I have been using sony products more than a decade. NO issues.. Bought one samsung DVD player and tV .. lasted for only 2 years.. and cost a handful of money for service those crap thing.. But one thing I can agree is they have to stop using properitary formats.. Other than that Japanese giant is superb.