OnePlus acknowledges hardware display issue with the OP 8 Pro flagship, will offer replacements


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The OnePlus 8 Pro packs an impressive spec list, chief among which is the 6.78" 120Hz OLED display. It is, however, gaining attention for all the wrong reasons after the phone went on sale last month.

Several users have complained about the OLED's tendency to exhibit green tints at low brightness and displaying crushed blacks while watching movies. There have also been reports of short-term image retention issues and dark horizontal bars appearing on the phone's status bar.

An early workaround for these issues was to enable 'DC Dimming' under device settings, which despite fixing some of the initial problems, reportedly ended up in even more crushed blacks on the display.

OnePlus soon issued an OTA update (OXYGENOS 10.5.5) that partially fixed the green tint and recently followed up with another update (v10.5.6) that's said to completely eliminate the issue.

There is, however, no software patch for the crushed blacks in the latest update, which OnePlus now recognizes as a hardware issue. As reported by a user on Reddit, OnePlus is now giving customers three options to choose from: Send in their device for repair, return it and get a refund, or submit a request on the company's website for a new replacement.

Despite their improved image quality and lower power consumption, OLED tech has repeatedly been a cause for concern in the TV/smartphone industry with issues like these. Samsung is another recent example that rolled out an OTA update last month following user complaints of green tinting issues on its $1,400 Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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Good for OP for quickly offering a resolution, there are many companies like Apple and Samsung who so resolutely hold out on these problems until the last possible minute at the cost of their reputation.


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I've always found with Oppo's OnePlus brand, it's best to buy the LAST of the model line, when a new one is coming out, than jump on the FIRST one off the line, so to speak.
Their quality control isn't the best, they are getting better, but it's better to wait a couple production cycles when purchasing one of their phones.

Mr Majestyk

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Same price as S20+ in Australia and already we have the poor QC. What is it OnePlus and crap screens, the 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, had garbage quality screens and it took until 1+7 to get it right.