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By aebaker73
Sep 2, 2015
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  1. Recently I have been playing an online flash game called "Star Trek: Alien Domain". I found it through facebook. Its quite fun but the horrible lag, mostly during the fighting sequences, is extremely frustrating. I am constantly refreshing and closing/opening my browsers. I have been switching between Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. Currently I am running Windows 10. Edge seems to do a bit better than chrome, but after a while it too starts freezing up. I am looking for a flash game booster for on line games. Not a booster that is meant for games that are on your computer. I need something that will help smooth things out while playing. My computer is a bit dated, but not a complete relic. It has a Pentium Dual-core CPU E5300 @ 2.60 GHz. I have 6.0 GB of RAM and its a 64-bit operating system. Does anyone have any suggestions, something that would just tweak things a bit for more smoother play. Again, this is not for any games that I store on my computer. I do not have any games on my computer. The only game I play is this particular one, through Facebook.
  2. bluejolls

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    I had another thought. I tried turning off Aero but it doesn't make any difference. It still hesitates/lags the same.

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