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Apr 25, 2008
  1. I have an old Win98 laptop that supposedly supports USB 2.0, but either the jack is hosed or some subtle driver problem exists that prevents me from using any USB device on it, including an external storage device. The laptop is on my home network, but I no longer remember the Windows login password, so I am not really able to connect or share files with another computer. It does not have the ability to write CD's, either. I do have Internet connectivity via a cable modem (wireless router, though the laptop is connected via an ethernet cable). So, I would like to find an easy to use online storage website where I can upload about 100 Mb of files and then download them onto another computer. I tried one service, but they seem to starting zipping up the files as they are being uploaded and I had disconnections throughout the process (I don't believe that it was my problem) and it basically did not work for me. Sorry for the longwinded inquiry, but can anyone suggest a good online file storage service that works and is reliable, etc.?

    Or is there another way to move these files that I am not thinking of?
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    I have a few suggestions. Depending on the file size limitations of your e-mail account, you could just e-mail them to yourself and then retreive your e-mail on the other computer.

    Another thing if you have a website included in your internet account that allows you to ftp, you can upload and download that way as well.

    You can check my website, which you can purchase on-line file folder (it is listed under e-mail accounts). But, I would try tthe free options first.
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    Thanks SNGX1275 for some great links, I just need the files up there long enough to pull down onto a new machine (sitting right next to the laptop.)

    Thanks kingcoomp for a great idea that I had not considered. I own some websites and had not thought about FTPing to them on a temporary basis. Might be the easiest way to go for me. If all else fails, I will definitely check out your website.

    This is why TS is so great! Thanks again!
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    You ever find a solution? I finally got my invite to Dropbox I can probably invite you if you want.
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    Hi SNGX1275, The solution kingcomp proposed was one of those 'DUH' moments for me. I own dozens of websites and FTPIng files to any one of them will work great. Crazy that I did not think of that, myself. But thanks so much for following up. I really appreciate it.
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