Opera 10 beta has been released

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Jun 3, 2009
  1. Today Opera Software has released the first beta version of its upcoming Opera 10 browser. The new release boasts a new design, features, and faster downloads. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. According to the company, the new browser is over 40% faster than previous versions on websites such as Gmail and Facebook which can be resource intensive.

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  2. captaincranky

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    SkitsoZac has posted this as well, but in "old front page news". One assumes by accident.

    Mods, time to merge the threads.

    Edit: He's not sure if it's time to merge the threads, the topics, or do nothing at all! He said, now beginning to refer to himself in the third person.
  3. cyriene

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    Very nice. I use Opera over IE and FF everyday. I just like its customizability and interface better as well as its speed and the syncing abilities. I think they need to add a bookmark search though as I have a lot of bookmarks and it can take time to find the ones I want.
  4. InsaneVr6

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    Good to know, I will most likely download it now.

    I know they say that the SpeeDial being able to hold 25 is a new feature, but a quick modification of the 'speedial.ini' file let me put as many SpeedDial slots I wanted.

    Anway, it looksl like a welcome upgrade since Opera is my primary browser. Then I fall back on IE and Firefox when needed (if a page doesnt show up right or missing add-in or something).
  5. Opera 10 Beta has some Serious Graphic errors from Comparing some of the picture
    or graphic content from Opera V9.63 On Mac Version. Shows fuzzy graphics, I would recommend a serious fix on this.

    As well, It did not integrate during installation with earlier version and didn't give me
    option to integrate or just update to the new version. Installed totally new. Very Scary
    Thought I lost all my Bookmarks and content. Glad It didn't, I'm sure if there is serious
    issues like this I wouldn't have wanted it to.

    One thing I do love is the Speed Dial, but it needs even more buttons, I'm using 28 out
    of the 46 I customized on Opera V9.63

    If there is big issues like this from the get go, I'm sure there is a lot more inspection
    of every detail before final release. I don't know who can get this to Opera beta team
    or advisors, So Check it out and pass on accordingly.
  6. Previous poster, of course it didn't simply update your previous installation. This is beta software, aka not meant for a production environment. It's by design that it didn't replace your stable software.

    Using it myself on Windows XP and haven't found any problems yet. The new tab bar preview thingy looks beautiful but I'm not sure I'll end up keeping it around. IMO it takes up a little too much space.
  7. captaincranky

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    Could I prevail on the "guests" to call themsevles "guest 1" or "guest A" in the body of the message. Because the thread does look like you're either serially posting, or talking to yourself.:confused::haha:
  8. SNGX1275

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    If you use the bookmark syncing it doesn't matter if Opera cleared yours or not, just resync.

    Are you sure that the grapics issues are real? One of the alphas of Opera 10 had a "turbo" feature that intentionally decreased the quality of images to speed up the feel of slow connections.

    I still run Opera on my PCs (Opera 10 alpha), but I've switched to Safari 4 on my Macs because Opera is just too slow (lots of pinwheels/beachballs). Hopefully Opera 10 final fixes that, but I probably won't test it out again until it is final.
  9. T77

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    i love opera.its customizability,interface,speed dial.
    nice to know the speed dial now supports 25 websites.before it supported only 9.but since i needed more i modified the speeddial configuration settings file.
  10. i just installed opera 10 beta and it didnt ask to integrate , but i checked in add and remove programs and my regular version of opera is still installed even though it does not show an icon on the desktop, if you uninstall beta you will get your bookmarks back along with your old version, the beat looks good but its not as good as the non beta i have always had problems with anything beta i live in a rural area and their is no high speed internet available so i am stuck with dial up the only browser that has made it bareable has been opera every other browser i have ver tried has been slow and i am already slow HE HE , so for now i will stick to the old regular version of opera the beta is to slower than the non beta , i hate when people mess up something that is already good by adding more bells and whistles , it just causes head aches, dont mess with something that doesnt need fixing modify it a little tweek it but dont go overboard , looks is not everything yes it helps but not when it comes to internet stuff so many things that are just not compatible , like my dial up in my area everyone else has an average dial up 75bps but not me i get if i am lucky 24 !!! but opera works and makes up for it a little and i have done all the modem string tweeking possible any way if you want your bookmarks back look and see if your old version is still installed and uninstall the beta ""GOOD LUCK ALL""
  11. WinXPert

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    I like to try Opera on my Linux box but I've read it's not for older PC's. With XP I am contented with IE8.
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