Opera Neon is an experimental web browser for new ideas

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Opera Software has launched an experimental version of its web browser called Opera Neon. Available for both Mac and Windows, the browser is said to be a radical re-imagining of what a browser can be – a statement that’s evident from the get-go.

As you’ll no doubt see in the introduction video above, one of the underlying design elements is the shift towards circles rather than typical rectangular boxes. It also brings in your own desktop background to serve as the starting point of a new session although if that’s not something you’re fond of, Opera has collaborated with graphic artist Luke Choice to create a couple of free, Neon-inspired wallpapers to choose from.

Other noteworthy features include video pop-out, a split screen mode, a refreshed omnibox and a built-in snap-to-gallery tool that serves as the central location for image storage (versus tucking them away in folders).

Opera last summer sold most of its assets, including the rights to the Opera name and its web browser, to a Chinese consortium of technology companies for $600 million. Opera’s future at that point was up in the air but with the introduction of Opera Neon, the new owners have demonstrated that they’re willing to innovate and try new things in a market that’s largely stagnant at this point.

Those interested in giving Neon a shot can download it for free over on Opera’s website.

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"A radical re-imagining" that's ripped directly from its cousin, Vivaldi, which ripped off other Chinese crapware before it. Excessive minimalism and monetization are rapidly killing the desktop - we're due for a reboot of common sense and user empowerment.
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Does anyone actually learn UI design anymore, or do they just hire whoever comes in with the most expensive macbook and can make the most solid-color designs in photoshop?
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Still won't take me away from Chrome. Chrome is boring in every way possible but it has been my go to browser for quite a while now and will probably remain that way for quite some time. If I had to pick a browser I really like to use I'd have to say the newest Opera. It seems to be the only one that can transfer over all your info from Chrome as well. Can't remember why I stopped using it. Like I said. Chrome man.

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I like it. It still missing features, like extensions, but hopefully that will come in the future. It's best for large monitors. When I want to not look at the sides, I just press F11. Like everything you have to get used to it. Firefox is still my favorite browser.