Opinions on new build?

By matrix86 · 7 replies
Mar 24, 2009
  1. Ok...so I hope i'm posting in the correct forum here. Correct me if i'm in the wrong place. Anywho...

    I want to build a computer which I will use for music notation programs as well as audio recording programs (and obviously some minor word documents and internet browsing...but mostly for audio stuff). Being not very smart in the computer field, I have no idea what the best parts are. I want...

    1.) A motherboard which will support 4 RAM sticks (so I can have 4 Gb of RAM...i'm a speed junky, lol)
    2.) The best RAM (I do believe i've heard Corsair is top of the line?)
    3.) The most up-to-date processor which will fit the motherboard (duh, lol)
    4.) The best hard drive
    5.) The best sound card
    6.) The best CDRW drive
    7.) The best computer speakers

    I think that's all I really need. Network cards and graphics cards aren't really all that important to me (the most I do on the internet is youtube, hulu, downloading sheet music, and checking my mail). Keep in mind that I plan on using Pro Tools recording (if that makes any difference, lol). I currently run Windows XP and don't plan on changing that. (XP will only operate on 4Gb of RAM, so 4 is all I need).

    So let me know your opinions on all or even just one of the things I mentioned above. I'm not too terribly worried about price right now as I have a friend who has a lot of high-up connections. Thanks!

    *I've been asked to add a spending price range.......$400 - $2,000. Does that sound about right?
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  3. redk

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  4. hellokitty[hk]

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    never heard of it, what does it do?

  5. red1776

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    Hulu streams tv and movie episodes and clips Kitty
  6. hellokitty[hk]

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    Oh thats right :haha:, I have heard of it somewhere, at techspot I believe.
  7. redk

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    Oh, I forgot the GPU, but the 4670 should do.
    He said he wanted the best, so that's just what I was offering....
    Technically, for what he's doing a low level dell with a good sound card and speakers would do, but he never said anything about cheapest, crap, or prebuilt... lol
  8. matrix86

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    Now where is the fun in just going out and buying a computer? I'm not much into taking the easy route. Building a computer is simple (my tech savvy friend who gets nervous when I even talk about messing with a computer even agrees that I can do this, lol). He's the videos i've seen on how to do it and he knows how well I follow directions (there's been a few times my computer has gone crazy and I called him and he talked me through every step). But anyway, I just want to build my own computer. So I can say, "yeah, I built that." I'm even gonna mod whatever case I get.

    It's a just a project I wanna do. Screw going out and buying one. Give me the parts and tools and i'm a happy man, lol.
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