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Orion: Prelude

  1. Well first I thought I would share my thoughts on this upcoming Indie game. After being a part of the Orion community for about 2 years now and being able to beta test the source version.. I can say that once they started moving the wheels on Orion: Prelude it's been nothing but progress. This group is working all from their own homes and on their own time and It's just great to see how far they have come and with so much support. I'm posting this in hopes that some of you take some interest in this and possibly want to help them out. I really want to see this game released and hope after reading this you share the same mindset.. so with that said.. first watch this youtube/read the rest and tell me what you think. :love:


    “The Indie Dream”
    We are back this week with something incredibly special for you. We have crafted one of the most intimate and revealing updates that we have ever posted. This is an unparalleled look into the ORION universe - and we are showing it off with tons of never-before-seen artwork, footage and information. We call this The Indie Dream.

    Through years of design, creation and just brutally hard work - we have crafted this video in order to give you a better awareness about who we are - what we do - and what we want to accomplish.

    The ORION game series has been around for a lot longer than most folks are aware about - the first game design dates back to 1998. We are here to display where that time was spent - and how we are going to use what we’ve developed to not only benefit you as the gamer - but the industry as a whole.

    We invite you to take an incredible look at ORION - and the folks over here at Spiral Game Studios - like you never have before. Welcome to the Indie Dream.

    We have a lot of work ahead of us. We are wrapping up our incredible KickStarter promotion and we are calling for your help and support. While we have reached our ‘pledged’ goal, it is important to understand that this was not only a “safe” limit - as you have to AT LEAST reach your pledged amount in order to take any funding from KickStarter. If we were to have reached only $9,999 - we would have received $0. On top of this, KickStarter and Amazon take a total of 10% - and just around $1,000 is being spent on preparing the KickStarter gifts.

    We at Spiral Game Studios are preparing immense update and a plethora of content to demonstrate our passion for this - but to also make you more comfortable about donating to a worthy cause. We are hoping to reach the desired limit of $15,000 USD and we can only do this with your help. We ask that you tell all of your friends, family, online friends and even share it on your personal blogs and social networks. Helping spread the word is just as appreciated and effective as it is to contribute.

    We are gearing up for an incredible presence at this years Game Developers Conference. It is the 25th anniversary of the GDC and we are going to be arriving with a bang. We are currently in full production on an incredibly updated pre-alpha game build - utilizing all of the new content such as the new characters, new weapons, new dinosaurs, new maps - new everything!

    We are in the middle of removing ALL placeholder content and the game is going to look even more beautiful, believe it or not. We are going to be holding meetings with quite a few companies out there already - and we encourage any other companies interested in talking or drinking with us to get in contact with us by shooting over an email to:

    We’re not done with our consistently awesome updates - no way. We have tons of updates planned for this week, including an insider look at the new weapon styles for both teams coupled with the artist behind them. On top of this we will be exploring the audio with our Lead Audio Engineer, Marcus Zuhr. We will be coming back next week and making a rather LARGE announcement next Monday that we think quite a few people will enjoy - so get ready!

    This was a busy week with the press. We conducted interviews with Rock, Paper, Shotgun and OXCGN - as well as had the game previewed by Italy’s huge gaming website, Multiplayer.it.

    We also have included the links that allow you to go read the full articles. However, we encourage you to take Italian-language reading glasses when skipping over to Multipalyer.it:

    Interview @ OXCGN:

    Interview @ Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

    Prelude Preview @ Multiplayer.it

    We are going to be back in a few days with another incredible update - we look forward to hearing what you think about our new trailer in our brand new Spiral Community!


    Thank's guys to whoever took the time to take a look at this.

    We appreciate it.

    -Peperonikiller (Spiral Game Studios Community Manager)

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