Outlook.com outage?


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I cannot login at outlook.com using any of my emails (Hotmail.com, live.com.ph, outlook.com). I live in the Philippines. current date and time in the Philippines: March 7, 2017; 929PM

anybody got problems with Microsoft accounts in their localities?

edit: problem already fixed upon relogin, local date/time March 8, 2017, 335AM
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Here in the Puget Sound area too (Washington )state

Something went wrong

The server can't sign you in right now. Please try again later. MSSPError=-805308370
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Must be global outage. in addition, I cannot access my Microsoft emails using edge, internet explorer for windows 10, onedrive, latest stable 32bit Mozilla firefox, and latest stable google chrome.


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Can confirmed all is fixed now. mail app, onedrive, browser... thanks to those who provided feedback... I initially thought my accounts were hacked... silly me.