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Nov 3, 2009
  1. I'm having problems with outlook express. We have charter.net as our internet provider. Before that we had bellsouth.net. The problem is that all of our emails that were in our charter.net email account got moved to outlook express. We do not want outlook express but want to get all of our emails back to our charter.net email account. Does anyone know how to move all the emails from outlook express to our charter.net email.
    Hope this is not too confusing but will shed a bit of light on to what our problem is.

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    I think it's the opposite. He/she wants to UN-setup Outlook Express and retain all emails online with Charter.net webmail. If so, you can go to Tools, Accounts. Go to Mail tab and select the account you want to delete. That will stop email from downloading to Outlook Express but now you will have to go to the Charter.net email website to access you emails.
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    Thanks mailpup,
    you hit the nail on the head...except that I'm trying to figure out how to retrieve my email that has already been sent to outlook express and is sitting there. Is there a way to send it all back to my charter.net email?
    Please keep the suggestions coming.
    8notch (he)
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    If you set up your Outlook Express with your correct Server info
    You can forward your received emails back to yourself
    By the way, so I take it that you don't want to use Outlook Express then?
    In that case for the "Incoming Server" field, just type "mail", it will error or trying to receive emails, but all your new emails will remain on the Server. (including the forwarded emails)
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    Let me add that some ISPs allow you to retain emails, even downloaded emails, on their server. If yours does, you can configure it to do so and not worry if it downloads to Outlook Express. Once so configured you can safely open OE to delete accounts, address books, and old emails if you want and then never open it again.
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