Outlook problem, please help.

By hppokpy
Dec 17, 2008
  1. Seem to be getting a really annoying problem at work. I don’t have any rules or setting enabled to send back delivery receipt in Outlook 2003 when respondents read my messages but every now and again I seem to be getting them. The IT guys at work have had a look and can’t see why I’m getting these, there have also reinstalled Outlook and given me a new outlook profile but I still randomly get these delivery receipts. Any tips or pointers on what to do about it?

  2. kimsland

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  3. hppokpy

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    Thanks kimsland for your reply.

    Yes that is what my screen looks like but is that for when i open a message that has requested a read receipt from the sender?

    Cause the problem i'm have is the other way round, I'm getting confirmation that xyz has read my email that i sent to them...

    the strange thing is its totally random.
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