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May 26, 2008
  1. Currently, I Have a Core 2 Duo E4400 @ 2.0 Ghz.. and wanted to overclock it. I have an Intel DQ965GF mobo, the question is how to overclock using this mobo. Please help me since this is my first time overclocking a processor. Any Help is appreciated.
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    Well, first you need to figure out whether or not your motherboard will even support overclocking.

    Then, if it does and you're truly interested, learn a thing or two about what overclocking actually is, what exactly is happening and how it effects the components and buses in your system. There are tutorials all over the place that cover the essentials, I know AnandTech had a good article on it. I'm sure if you search these forums you'll find something as well as I've seen (and answered) comparable questions on multiple occasions.
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    That is a good basic guide to overclocking Tedster. It's too bad these guides get so cluttered with posts. They should be "closed" to new posts, and related discussions should be posted in a separate thread...

    Overclocking is so subjective. PC hardware varies greatly. I imagine that most $1000+ motherboard/memory/video card combo's can overclock pretty easily, while the $500- combo's can't overclock well
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    As you can see, I actually do go back and update stuff when relevent items come up in the discussion, so I think its good to have the discussion within the thread.

    Anyone going to that guide will find all relevent information, including whatever that comes up in the discussion, in the first 2 posts (double posted because of the word limit)
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