Owners are discovering a 'jelly' scrolling effect in the new iPad mini


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Facepalm: Apple’s recently unveiled tiny tablet, the iPhone mini 6, has received very positive reviews, but some owners have found an annoying problem. Reports are arriving of the display showing a jelly effect when scrolling, caused by one side of the screen moving at a different speed to the other side.

Many have praised the new iPad mini. It features a larger, 8.3-inch display packed into a smaller form-factor, an A15 Bionic SoC, USB-C charging, and 5G. But some units appear to have a problem.

Dieter Bohn of The Verge (via 9to5Mac) tweeted a video of the issue. He notes how it’s more apparent in portrait mode when there’s a lot of text on the screen, with one side moving faster than the other while scrolling.

It’s certainly not the most noticeable issue; Bohn said you could hardly see it during normal usage, and he had to slow the video down to show what was happening. Nevertheless, it’s not something you would expect in a brand new, $500 device.

We don’t know if this is a hardware issue related to the LCD panel or display controller or if this is a software/firmware problem addressable with an update. Apple will doubtlessly be hoping for the latter, given that it is already facing class-action lawsuits over reports of cracks appearing in the screens of its M1-powered MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops.

Exactly how many iPad Mini 6 units are suffering from the jelly effect is unclear, and it could be that some owners simply haven’t noticed, despite feeling nauseous while browsing the web.

Earlier today, we heard that replacing the screen on an iPhone 13 renders Face ID unusable if Apple doesn’t carry out the work.

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crApple trying to coerce its customers into evaluating positive on its new mental health test. 🤣 crApple must be getting desperate. Either that, or they need to get these manufactured in a country that is actually capable of producing quality products.


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Is apple even trying anymore, they cant even make a screen work right, meanwhile samsung is folding them at 120hz...


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My Galaxy Tab 5SE is doing this as well in portrait mode. Initially it's distracting but you get used to it after a short while. The issue is that the screen can't update itself in time.

You'll probably only notice it when scrolling down webpages very quickly, it's not visible in games that use scrolling.