P4 3.06 HT vs. Celeron D 3.2 & mobo swap

By teklord
May 3, 2008
  1. Which is better? I have a MSI MS-6577 motherboard with FSB 400/533 & Socket 478, so these CPU's are my best options. Does the Hyper-Threading technology of the Pentium 3.06 really increase performance past the 3.20 GHz rating of the non Hyper-Threaded Celeron?

    Also, I understand that you need to reinstall Windows when you swap motherboards, but my Windows XP was factory installed on a partition of the factory hard drive and I don't think I can access it, unless I am doing a system restore and that won't help with a mobo swap. Is there a way I can upgrade my mobo without buying another Windows XP?

    Here are some specs for a comparison on both CPU's:

    Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors 3.06 GHz

    sSpec Number: SL6S5
    CPU Speed: 3.06 GHz
    Bus Speed: 533 MHz
    Bus/Core Ratio: 23
    L2 Cache Size: 512 KB
    L2 Cache Speed: 3.06 GHz

    Package Type: 478 pin
    Manufacturing Technology: 0.13 micron
    Core Stepping: C1
    CPUID String: 0F27h
    Thermal Design Power: 81.8W
    Thermal Specification: 69°C
    VID Voltage Range:

    Supported Features: Hyper-Threading Technology

    Intel® Celeron® Processor Family 3.20 GHz

    sSpec Number: SL7NY
    CPU Speed: 3.20 GHz
    Bus Speed: 533 MHz
    Bus/Core Ratio: 24
    L2 Cache Size: 256 KB
    L2 Cache Speed: 3.2 GHz

    Package Type: 478 pin
    Manufacturing Technology: 90 nm
    Core Stepping: E0
    CPUID String: 0F41h
    Thermal Design Power: 73W
    Thermal Specification: 67°C
    VID Voltage Range: 1.25V-1.4V

    Thanks to all who read this.
  2. GameJunkie72792

    GameJunkie72792 TS Maniac Posts: 274

    The celeron is just a crippled Pentium 4 with less cache, Hyperthreading does make a difference even if it not noticeable.

    if you want to oc then you're good both ways, i learned to overclock with the same celeron and i got it to 4GHz water cooled then the mobo died ;-(

    for everyday use keep the P4,

    or go out and buy a real CPU.

    AMD FTW! lol jk jk im so ready for the flaming :p
  3. teklord

    teklord TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 483

    So if I'm running only run program (a game), the Pentium 4 3.06 HT will run it better than the 3.2 Celeron? I thought Hyper-Threading excelled in multi-tasking. The Pentium 4 has a larger cache which helps but the HT ability helps even in single applications running at once?
  4. GameJunkie72792

    GameJunkie72792 TS Maniac Posts: 274

    yes HT was introduced for multitasking, but what i meant was you really shouldnt see a difference in 140MHz clock speed (or whatever the difference is its a bit late for math :p) more cache does help of course, the P4 is just all around better.

    but mind the fact that your mobo has to support Hyperthreading for it to work, it should be a BIOS setting if you mobo supports it.
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