Packard Bell EasyNote s4 laptop screen flicker

By barstant
Oct 13, 2010
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  1. Hello i have a packard bell easynote S4 laptop and last night the
    screen started flickering, (like darker and lighter) it's doing it now as i write this, i left it on overnight, but this morning it had gone very dark, although i could just still see the pages on the internet i left on overnight.
    I restarted the laptop and it comes on ok as normal but still getting the flicker effect, could this be a backlight problem, or an
    inverter, i've not added any new software, i disconnnected the inverter and re-connected, but still flickers, can anyone give me any advice. if it's backlight or inverter i can fit them myself, trouble is i cannot find any on the internet or ebay for the easynote s4
    now it's gone dark again and having to shine a torch on screen to write this p.s. message
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    You will likely need to replace the inverter on that model... they burn out way too quickly....
    First, find the inverter model to buy... or disassemble the laptop to get to the screen. You will find the inverter behind the screen at the bottom. It is held in by clamps that are held by two screws.. but the inverter itself, simply unplugs. Read the model information off the old inverter, then find a better one.
    If you plan on doing it yourself, it can take three hours for the first one.
    The major difficulty is doing the job without causing cosmetic damage to the sides and top of your screen.
  3. barstant

    barstant TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi ray sorry for the late reply ( i've been staying with my girlfriend in hospital she just donated one of her kidneys to her son ) but thanks for the reply, i'm still looking for the correct inverter,but i found one on ebay for £15.00 but not bought yet.
    I took it to a shop and they said it needs a new screen, although i'm thinking it just needs a new inverter hopefully, so i am hoping when i buy one the laptop will work again, my sisters did exactly the same but as they needed the laptop for their business they let them fit a new screen ?... i was pretty sure it was just the inverter.
    Anyway i will keep my eye on the one on ebay and also any other places as moneys really tight at the moment, once again thanks for your reply.
    I borrowed some money from a friend and i have bought another laptop an ACER ASPIRE 250 GB HD, 4 GB RAM, DUAL CORE PROCESSEOR for £280.00 but i want to get the other sorted and keep as a spare. although i am no expert with computers i have taken a few apart so i am confident of fitting the other inverter when i eventually get one.
  4. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Your assumptions are likely good ones... Shops cannot afford to replace an inverter... it takes too much time, and for their customers, a new monitor is less costly than repair of one.

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