Panasonic intros rugged business convertible notebook

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Panasonic has launched a new rugged convertible notebook, the CF-C1. Aimed at clumsy business users, the CF-C1 has durable yet lightweight design (1.69kg with a twin battery) that can be used in clamshell or tablet form via a "toughened triple hinge." The system gets about 10 hours on a full charge, and lets users exchange one of two batteries while remaining on.

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The problem is that most people legs are taller than two and half feet! So if you are standing or running to catch a bus, train or taxi and you drop it or someone bumps into you and you drop it .. it will fall further than two and half feet and you will have damage.They need to make travel cases with memory foam inside and silicone outside to make them weather proof.. kind of like a notebook briefcase to keep these things from being trashed.


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so i guessing this laptop is replaceing the older tuff book, a few years back!

"Helobuff" adding more ideas

Or some type of ruber edge, that i have saw on cell ph, or mp3 and other devices... to help with the first contact on the ground for the edges of the laptop.


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Be good for using on my tractor hey......sounds similar to old IBM thinkpad customised for a communications company I used to work for!
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