Part of the screen is dark. Lenovo R61i

By dbcoopersurvivd
Sep 8, 2009
  1. i had dropped my computer a couple days ago and the screen was slightly darker. i figured it was either the inverter or the bulb. so i disassembled the screen, checked the bulb and it didnt seem bad, and put it back together to test it .now only a small strip at the bottom of the screen has normal lighting. could it be those little pieces of plastic at the back of the LCD? possibly something was knocked loose originally and since i tried to put it back together, i might have partially fixed the problem?
  2. dbcoopersurvivd

    dbcoopersurvivd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    scratch that part about the light part. i found two screws that i forgot to put in. but still. it seemed like that brighter part was just right for, i.e. , like is was when it was working better. though, the screen is still very dark. would that be the inverter? i mean ive had a monitor with a bad inverter, but it was completely black. maybe thats just the worse case
  3. dbcoopersurvivd

    dbcoopersurvivd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi. i might not have been all that clear the other day. i was a little tired and just realized that i was a little vague. my screen is pretty dark, though, there is a little bit of light, which as bright as it was when the screen was working, at the bottom of the screen. does this still seem like it might be the inverter which is malfunctioning, or possibly, is it the screen isnt put together correctly?
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