Partition Magic 8 - relocating XP to new HDD

By ntracs
Feb 7, 2009
  1. First time user for Partition Magic 8 (PM8). I would like to XP from my 32Gig 5400 RPM Drive to my 320Gig 7200 RPM Drive.
    To date I have copied my C: drive partition to my F: Drive which created a new partition called G: Changed G: Partition to Active then rebooted PC. XP now gives me a choice of 2 identical operating systems XP and XP2. (not sure which is which?)

    Logged of powered off the PC Changed the jumper on G drive to master and discounted all cables from C: Drive and powered on PC. Only one drive was detected in the bios (which is good!) however message appears that OS cannot be found???

    I would appreciate some advice or suggestions on how to correct this problem.

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