Partition/My Documents Problem HELP!

By Steve Gunn ยท 5 replies
Mar 2, 2008
  1. Hey Guys...

    I seem to have ran into a bit of a snag.
    I finished installing Windows XP and been fine tunning it to my preferences. But the problem is that I finished installing it and I was going to put all my files in My Documents. And it ran out of room on the Partition.
    But before, My Documents was on the other Partition, not the on the one it is on currently.
    I have a slave drive. So all the files are on the proper drive. Just not on the proper Partition.
    Do you know how I can fix this?
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,333   +101

    Eh, okay. You have two HDD's, and you want to store all your miscellaneous stuff on the Slave drive. The Slave drive has two partitions and you want to have it so it's just one large partition on the drive?
  3. Steve Gunn

    Steve Gunn TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 92

    No no....I want all my files on my Master. But see the smaller Partition of my smaller drive has My Documents. What I mean is that My Documents is located on the wrong Partition. Is there a way I can put it on the bigger partition...
  4. Matthew

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    Open "My Computer" and see if you can navigate to the folder that you want to move. Then either drag and drop or cut and paste it where you'd like.

    It's easier to understand for someone reading this if you break things down into the logical drives/partitions shown by "My Computer".

    For example, you have two HDD's, a Master and Slave. Each drive has, say, two partitions. So, for instance, your Master might be C: and D:, your Slave might be E: and F:. Now you can say, I have a folder on F: that I'd like to move to C:, how do I do this?
  5. Steve Gunn

    Steve Gunn TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 92

    Oops. Sorry. Ok with my Master Partitions are C: and E: and my Slave Partitions are E: and F:. And Windows is installed on the master which is Partition C: and so is my My Documents folder. But I want my My Documents folder to be installed on the E: (The Bigger Partition on my Master). How do I make my My Documents Folder in my E:?
  6. Grafficks

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    Windows has a built-in feature to completely move the My Documents directory to a different location.
    Go to Start > right-click My Documents and click Properties.
    Select Move and select the new location for My Documents and let it start the transfer.
    All programs that use this directory should adjust their settings accordingly to the new location of My Documents.
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