Partitioning problems

By nanaki2007
Jan 11, 2010
  1. I'm planning on installing a second operating system in the next couple weeks when I have my windows 7 disk back as a safety net and was preparing for the procedure by adjusting my partitions. When doing this I found that I have 11 GB of unallocated space at the left end of the list in Disk Management that I can't do anything with but create an 11 GB Partition-pretty pointless. After this is a 150GB Partition for Windows Seven and a 140 GB Partition for Media and other such things I want to keep seperate from the operating systems.

    At first I planned on creating two 80 GB partitions for the operating systems and a keeping the 140 for the data-that's when I learned it's quite unlikely. Apparently I have unmovable files on either end of a 100GB gap or so on the Win7 partition. I figured this would be alright-the other OS would be secondary anyway and I could bear with it being smaller, but I can't combined the 11 GB from the left side with what comes off the Win7 partition when it is shrinked because they are on opposite ends of it.

    One of the main things that irks me about the whole situation is that 11GB sitting on the side that I can't really do anything with.
    Does anyone have any advice on how to arrange/size my partions for the added OS?
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    Use EASUS Partition Manager to delete/resize/move partitions

    > Back up a partition before you try moving it(to prepared "just in case")
    > Are you sure there's nothing in that 11GB partition (e.g. like it's not a recovery partition installed by your computer system maker?)

    Otherwise, use EASUS to delete the 11GB partition, then move/resize the other ones.
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