Partitioning Win 7 possibility dual boot XP

By 80yearold
Jan 3, 2011
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  1. Recently acquired new Toshiba 320HD 4 GB RAM and absolutely do not like a number things. Attempted partition with gparted (have done number times for Linux OS) but
    not with this existing HD configuration. unallocated 1.00MiB, sda1 ntfs system boot, sda2 WOG 286.59 GiB, sda3 HDD recovery.
    I attempted shrink 286.59, applied and got myself in unrepairable position and inability to boot.
    Since it was new little on HD I choose format (its in its 7th hour and looking for advice
    or resource to help me with dual windows boot. I also have a large external I have
    used in past for Linux and I mention it only for information purpose.
    Appreciate any help for a challenged old man.
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