Patent suggests the Surface Pro 8 could be solar powered


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As reported by Windows Latest, Microsoft first filed a patent with the USPTO for a Surface Pro Type Cover with integrated solar panels back in the second half of 2018, but it was only published on a public platform last week.

The filing shows what looks like a Surface Pro slotted into a “Mobile device cover with integrated solar panel.” There are four panels on the back to capture light and power the Surface Pro, and Microsoft states that any artificial sources of light would be sufficient, meaning it'll work both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the cover could charge the device while it’s being used.

The patent adds that more than four solar panels can be integrated into cover, and they could come in any variety, “including monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, thin-film amorphous silicon solar panels and/or concentrated PV cell solar panels.”

Thanks to the hinged design of the Type Cover, it can be placed at the best angle to catch the light while users work.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 won the ‘Best Productivity’ award in our ‘Best of Tablets’ feature, but there are few changes over the previous-generation model. An optional Type Cover with solar panels could help the Surface Pro 8 shine next to its competitors. But, like all patents, there’s no guarantee this one will ever become a real product, though here’s hoping.

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Confusing Article....! The article talks about solar panels in the Type Cover keyboard, but the patent photo shows them on the front of the hinged back-stand....! The whole story was apparently written incorrectly from start and everyone including Techspot followed...!!!


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...[ ]...Thanks to the hinged design of the Type Cover, it can be placed at the best angle to catch the light while users work....[ ]...
Which unfortunately, at lower sun angles, would leave the sun glaring into the user's eyes.

Maybe you could wear something like a blackjack dealer's visor to prevent that. M$ could even throw one in as a buying incentive.

Oh well, I'm sure that M$ will work out the details before it's released... ;) :rolleyes:

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