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Pay what you want: 150+ hours of instruction in the 'Learn to Code 2017' course bundle

By TS Dealmaster
Nov 21, 2016
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  1. The tech boom is in full swing, making now a great time to pick up some coding expertise. Fortunately, the Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle has you covered, offering over 150 hours of programming training for a price you get to pick.

    From JavaScript to Python and everything in between, this collection will help you master today’s top programming languages and set you up for a successful tech career.

    Here’s how the bundle works: pay what you want and you’ll instantly unlock one of the bundle’s 10 courses. If you manage to beat the average price paid (currently less than $20), you’ll unlock the remaining courses at no extra charge.

    From building a stock price analyzer to creating your own Pokemon Go clone, this collection will have you honing your skills as you create your own apps from the ground up. Plus, when you make it through the entire collection, you’ll emerge with a hefty programming portfolio that’s sure to impress employers.

    Just pay what you want, and you can take the first step towards your next tech career.

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  2. Bigtruckseries

    Bigtruckseries TS Evangelist Posts: 583   +317

    The real easy money is in coding. Anyone who's really good at it can become an overnight millionaire.
  3. RedGuard

    RedGuard TS Enthusiast Posts: 45   +19

    I've been a developer for more than 10 years with products used commercially. Only this year I was able to afford a car.

    If you live in the States, then yes, life as a developer is good. If anywhere else the taxes and the general attitude of people from developed countries (let's give him 1000 euros, that will shut him up) makes you earn the average Joe's wage or maybe a bit higher (like 500 euros more).

    You have to know a lot and even so you have to know people. The right people. And negotiate very well. The best offer I got from some Canadian firm was 1200 euros per month. For the position of team lead while also being a liaison between developers and clients. No, thank you.

    For each good developer there are 100 bad ones asking for a penny an hour. Clients ask themselves why should they pay $30-$50 per hour when there are these little men from faraway lands doing the "same" work for $10/h or less. (And then wondering why are their developers not working or the application doesn't even start).

    Contrary to popular beliefs getting well paid in this field requires a lot of talking, meeting people and marketing, instead of actual software development. I had 5 personal projects (made in my spare time) and from 5 interviewers, none of them looked or were interested in them. Oh, and you can work 10 years with a technology and the interview can easily contain parts of the technology that you (or anyone else for that matter) never used.

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