PayPal acquires mobile payment facilitator

By Shawn Knight
Jul 18, 2012
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  1. PayPal recently announced that they have acquired mobile payment facilitator, a San Francisco-based company that provides software for developers to use the camera on smartphones to capture and process credit card information. The eBay subsidiary has been using……

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  2. So all this software does is take a picture of a credit card and auto complete the rest of the information? Assuming you'd have to input that information before hand, if not you could just go around taking pictures of credit cards and using them to buy stuff. That sounds like a bad thing, however if you still have to enter in the personal billing information how much time is really being saved. The potential for fraud is astronomical, and circumvents the chip card security. But were safe, its in the hands of PayPal.
  3. Been screwed by paypal out of $300, sticking with cash or bitcoins.

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