PayPal drops WikiLeaks following cable controversy


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Over the weekend the battle to take down WikiLeaks grew even more complex: PayPal joined the fray by terminating the WikiLeaks donation account, citing a violation of its terms of service. "Our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity," a PayPal blog post reads. This follows worldwide pressure against WikiLeaks after it announced its intention to release thousands of confidential U.S. diplomatic cables.

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This is something of a retrograde step on the part of Paypal, and smacks of covering their own ***, more than anything else.


Someone at PayPal must have discovered their dusty old rule book. Don't you think it's a little late now for PayPal to start worrying about potential blowback? I suppose supporting the distribution of illegally obtained documentation isn't in their business plans when it gets unpopular.


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Paypal are either Stupid or Stupid on this one...

'Illegal activity' What, have they had their heads in sand for the past 3 years or something?..Wikileaks have been leaking "illegal" documents for ages. What a bunch of *****s or what?

I've never liked Paypal anyway with their charges, judge and jury rulings and dominance. Time to give Paypal a desent rival i think...Either that or a good boot up the backside :-D

What are they thinking eh?

Archean said:
Benny26 said:
Wikileaks have been leaking "illegal" documents for ages
I am unsure about this

I'm talking illegal by Paypals obvious terms here...


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Wikileaks have been leaking "illegal" documents for ages

I am unsure about this, but I am sure about one thing from history, and that is every empire tries to prolong its existence and influence for as long as it is possible, using whichever means necessary, with total disregard to ethics or laws, and these leaks just proves that.


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again governments political blablablaa

where is paypal rules in:
- porn sites
- torrent sites
- scam sites
- fake survey sites?

all these sites use playpal since ages no body even sent them a warning



Poor criterion paypa ! ... What kind of company are you? ... Really are you honest? ... I think the whole world should boycott only for this reason !