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Jan 19, 2011
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  1. hi all , at the moment i am playing a variety of pc games such as Starcraft , dawn of war 2 and lord of the rings online, however, i am unable to play these at the moment on my pc due to the games playing horrifically slow and lagging even on low graphics settings.

    At the moment this is the spec of my PC: Compaq
    Windows Vista home edition
    AMD athlon dual core 2.6GHz
    3. GB RAM
    Directx 10
    Nvidia Geforce 9100 (1395mb)

    The main issue i think is the graphics card i have because my pc rating for it is only a 3.5 and also, i have heard bad reviews on teh Geforce 9100. Therefore my main questions are:

    Is my graphics card the problem of all my games running slowly?

    If yes then can you recommend a suitable gaming graphics card where i can play my games on at least low or medium graphics.

    If no what is the problem and how cna i solve it without making a new pc.

    any help will be appreciated, thanks,

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    It wouldn't be your graphics card that is the problem it would be because you don't have a lot of RAM. If you got another RAM card than you should increase speed and lagging shouldn't happen.

    Graphics card handle what their name says graphics. RAM handles how fast your system runs. If I was you I would look at the requirements on these games and see what RAM they recommend and look at your total RAM speed. If you don't have over a 1 gb of RAM than I would recommend that you get a RAM card or two depending on amount of money you want to put into your computer. I know I just got a RAM card that added 2 gb to my RAM speed for a little more than $50.00
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    If you can find your computer model number that can be used to find the motherboard in your system, and what can be improved.

    But if you really want to play the latest games, you're better off saving up for a new system.
  5. sharkcrush

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    You graphics driver need more ram or try updating nvidia driver from their site or try updating your network driver

    also try cleaning your registry google ccleaner

    try getting antivirus

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