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PC having problems

By Xraii
Aug 22, 2009
  1. i am new to this forums and am seeking help regarding my pc. my pc has been having problems when i first installed fall out 3. i then had to update drivers and i did but the game still wouldn't work. i kept un intaling and reinstalling driver to a point where my cumpter just crapt out and i had to reformat it. i did this and everything started to work out fine until my computer started to slow down more and more until everything was so slow that i thought i should restart. i did this and when i restarted, the computer did its checkups and the begging but at the end of them, it said i had a disk error and that i should press ctrl alt del. i restarted it and same thing. sometimes when i restarted it, it would go to the windows loading screen but wouldn't load or do anything. i then tried to reformat my computer again but when windows was done loading the files it needed to start the reformat i would get the blue-screen error...

    i am really confused and need some help here. i am not to sure wether its a virus or some hardware problem or software. tell me if you need any other information...

    power supply-850wat
    processor-intel core 2 duo e6850 3.ghz (1333mhz front slide bus)(4mb cache)
    motherboard-nvidia 680i core 2 quad (nforce 680i sli) ai revision
    memory- 2gb ddr2 corsair at 800mhz xms2
    videocard-nvidia geforce 8800gts 512mb
  2. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    If there is any way to get beyond the blue screen, I would try running this tool,
    By what you're explaning, it sounds like your HDD has become corrupt and needs replacing.:(
    I can't see it being a virus, because you just reinstalled the O/S.
  3. RICK0140

    RICK0140 TS Rookie

    i had this problem a while back, every time i re installed windows xp it would stick and do nothing , i tried for hours by reformatting the lot but to no avail, i gave in and took it to the computer repair shop only to find out my hard drive was knackered, so i bought a new one took it home and everything was ok, worked a treat...
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