PC keeps rerunning chkdsk when booting

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Jul 19, 2007
  1. I am using Windows XP Pro and executed chkdsk /f from the RUN option. Now when I reboot the PC it runs chkdsk over and over and will not boot into Windows.

    I get the Welcome screen and then a screen which displays the message that the system was improperly shut down and gives me the option to boot into safe mode or start windows normally. Answering anything reboots and runs chkdsk all over again.
  2. sledgus

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    Your drive might be marked as dirty and that is why it keeps running. That might not get cleared for some reason. You can check if its flagged by going to a command prompt and type "chkntfs C:" this should tell you if its flagged or not

    Doing a chkdsk /f should clear any dirty flags on the volume.

    Let me know if it works
  3. flowergardener

    flowergardener TS Rookie Topic Starter

    chkntfs c: says that my C: Drive is NOT dirty. As before when I run chkdsk /f my system reboots and displays the Welcome screen followed by the boot menu which you get from the F8 key.

    If I pick normal start or safe more, either causes a reboot and starts the chkdsk program running again.
  4. sledgus

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    Use this with caution:

    Open the registry(start>run>regedit) and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\
    Current Version, on the right you will find 'Cache Write Delay' - there you create DWORD and give its value as 2000. Then you double click it.
    Now you will not face the scan disk problem every time you boot.

    This works on windows 98, you can give it a shot on yours, it could work.

    Let me know how u go
  5. flowergardener

    flowergardener TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My registry does not have that option.

    I found another suggestion with a Google search: boot from a retail version of Windows CD and run chkdsk /r

    This took a very long time but it completed and waited for me to EXIT from the prompt unlike before where chkdsk flashed a message and rebooted before I could read the screen.

    This worked and Windows booted normally. However, I got a few squirrely errors about some DLLs not loading. It appears that some system files got corrupted by the repair.

    For several more boots I got other errors which eventually disappeared. I hope that there is not some hidden damage that will bite me in the future.
  6. sledgus

    sledgus TS Rookie Posts: 115

    Oh ok, so that worked did it? Cool
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