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May 30, 2008
  1. Here is the problem. spyware has completely destroyed my computer, Nothing runs. The task manager doesnt work, reformat cd doesnt run, and the only solution i have managed to come up with is to use someone's comp put my hard drive in their comp(seeing that their comp has some spyware protection/removal)

    And using their spyware removal i just get rid of it that way. because there are pictures and stuff i dont want to just get rid of you know
  2. CCT

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    So, you boot to Safe Mode, copy the pics, etc, to a cd, then run KillDisk, then re-install.

    edit: or, if you can't even get there, you just slave the drive and do the copy bit then put it back and do the KillDisk bit.
  3. Yggdrassil

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    That's the problem safe mode doesn't work along with anything else.
  4. Andels

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    Hello Yggdrassil,
    You could store the files you want using a USB Storage Device if possible or store on a local network drive.

    Then try re-booting your Computer with the Windows Operating Software in the CD drive there should be a option there (Before Windows starts) to 'boot from' then hit that button (usually one of your F1,F2,F3 etc keys) and then go down to your Cd Drive and hit the button for it, then you will be able to wipe your drive and reinstall Windows.
  5. nobardin

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    Instead of formatting you could try http://www.ccleaner.com/ It is a free pc/registry scan that will fix errors.

    Most of the time when a pc slows down it is because the registry/HD is all mucked up from installing, uninstalling, downloading, deleting stuff from your pc.

    Also you will want to do a disk cleanup by..click start -> all programs -> accessories -> System tools-> Disk cleanup.

    Also try deleting your internet browser stuff..Click tools on the internet explorer window -> Internet options -> Under the browsing history section click delete and this brings up the delete browsing history window. Clear temporary internet files at least or click delete all.

    You could also defrag your HD..click start -> all programs -> accessories -> System tools -> Disk Defragmenter.

    If you aren't using any kind of spyware software go here http://lavasoft.com/products/ad_aware_free.php download and install it..run it and update the definitions file then do a full system scan. also read over that.

    http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4954.html I can't say for sure you have Vundo..but download, install and run the program. Following the directions on the page.
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