PC restarting when playing games

By GamerRekts
Oct 18, 2014
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  1. Ok guys so I have a problem here I can play minecraft for a minutes even sims 4 but on other games like roblox and others just like 1 minute and my brother said its my cmos battery is low so the cmos battery cant handle small and big games and I search around on the internet it saids its ram leakaged I opened my board and theres no leakaged and I search around again its my cpu temp that going high 50+ when playing a game and when my pc restarts it just stucks on windows logo and I press the restart on my case and then I chose boot windows normally blah blah blah and I saw that is bsod but no bsod errors like kernel or thingy just black and the monitor info will show up and it will go to the main boot screen and it will say checking nvram and I search again it may now that my video card fan is not moving because im using gt 630 and my video card fan is on the sound card cover with dust and my brother saids dusty pc's with quad cores will handle dust except for the cmos thingy
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try cleaning all the dust out of the computer. Dust can cause over-heating, and playing games can cause over-heating too. This most likely has nothing to do with the CMOS battery

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