PC retail sales saw 3% growth during Back-to-School period led by Mac and Chrome OS

By Justin Kahn
Sep 25, 2014
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  1. PC sales numbers for the 10 week back-to-school period (July 4th through Labor Day weekend) are now in, showing nearly 3% growth after a decline of around 2.5% last year. According to NDP, the growth was attributed to mainly Apple...

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  2. "While Apple numbers were up, Windows based PC options still hold a commanding lead with 68.4% of the market. However, with that number dwindling year by year, its hard to see Windows machines retaining such dominance without some major game changers hitting the market. "

    Apple fan boy comment? Game changer = Surface Pro 3...one heck of a machine! WIndows 9 should be more in line with what consumers wished for so PC platform is looking good atm. Gaming computer sales are up as well...
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    What's a "PC"?

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