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Jan 5, 2009
  1. Hello tech guys mania!!

    I have a weird problem here. I have PC desktop which I assembled myself. When it was new it was working fine, just lately that this weird issue is occuring. Whenever I turned off my computer say for the whole day and turn it back on, it will boot but it does not seem to go to load the BIOS and then to the OS. By the way, I have Win XP SP2. The power light is on but it will not proceed with the booting process. I will have to wait for it like 15 min. and then reboot it and then it will be fine. It seems to me like when the machine is cold, it will not boot up until it gets warmed up....The screen is just black and the monitor is not picking up any signal.

    However, if were to let the PC on standby mode even like the whole day, it will just turn back on without any issue. Any idea what might have caused this to happen?

    I suspect it is the VGA card but I might be wrong. This only happen if I turn off for so many hours and turn it back on, this problem arises otherwise PC is working in excellent condition.

    Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

  2. kimsland

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  3. deluxman

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    Do you think it could be just a BIOS issue where I need to reset it?
  4. kimsland

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    Yes I do :suspiciou

    Probably a good idea to follow all recommended options in the above guide, until one helps fix the issue
  5. deluxman

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    I could not seem to reset the BIOS. I have followed the procedure in the manual.
    Any advice?
  6. sayhonkmon

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    Try booting from a different device; dvd, etc. This might narrow down your problem. You might have to change the boot order in cmos for dvd boot first. Of course, you will need a bootable dvd.
  7. deluxman

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    Apparently it is my memory that is causing the trouble. I used a 2.0v ram instead of 1.8v. So I bought a new set of ram and tried it. BINGO, everything is working normally now. What an interesting experience here!! but thanks for the advice and input guys.....:)
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