Hardware PC won’t turn on

It seems to me that my motherboard is getting power indicates by the Rgb lights but my cpu and other hardware doesn’t get power I’ve tried taking it out of the case and testing it with the bare essentials to power the sucker up but to no avail
I’ll list my pc parts below

Ryzen 7 2700x
Asrock b450 steel edition
16 g t-force rams
1660 ti from msi
Phantex 300 explores case

Cycloid Torus

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New system? new components? Was it working ok? What changed? PSU?

If it is a new build, I would go to the motherboard manual and do an out of case build. You should get some kind of error if you test it with just PSU, CPU and CPU fan (typical error: no video, no ram, no boot media). Fix one and it should change error to next one.

If you do not get some kind of error alert, then something basic is wrong. If new you should contact motherboard maker for support.

Keep us posted (and always add to details - you see and hear, we just read).