Pentagon drops exclusive BlackBerry contract for iOS, Android


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Despite RIM's impending BlackBerry revamp with BB10 and updated hardware, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) announced it would be dropping its exclusivity contract with RIM. According to Reuters, ICE will be transitioning to Apple's iPhone to fill gaps...

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Really have to wonder how much longer RIM can hold on. My company is also moving from Blackberries to iPhones.


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I find it odd that a government division has the resources to completely rearrange its communication system. taxpayer money buying those iphones yo.


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Version 10 devices might reopen for the now underdog RIM. I'm going to root for them... with my iPhone in hand. If they have something that works well I'm open to change. I never own a BB before, did not care for the key pad... it was about getting the most realestate on screen for me. Maybe they will pivot and provide a good platform in some models for gaming with some buttons. I'm wait on one company to do this with android. Valve... maybe some time... a steam store on ANdroid... where is it Valve... okay I totally to this some where else... sorry.


I think the u.s. government is trying to use made in usa label only.
yesterday, the usa booted out zte and huawei.
now, the usa is booting out bb.

windows OSes in schools and government offices.
iOS and android in tablets and cellphones.


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Android with its dodgy security history will be a good target for 'foreign hackers' .......

I think this trend could eventually become a norm, at some point in time other countries may want to develop their own home made solutions to avoid any dependency on foreign sources of technology.


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US is becoming more phobic of the rest of the world day by day.. you don't want Canada's phones that have served you very well without issue.. fine.. we'll just take our oil, ( that feeds you 50% of your daily needs and sell it somewhere else.. then you can be oh so self reliant.
US is becoming more phobic of the rest of the world day by day.. you don't want Canada's phones.

But we do want iphones that are made in China hahahaha we have to keep this how grown and beside the US and China are like one now a day are they not? LOL

I don't know about you but I am a blackberry fan and faithful user and from the way I look at it this is a foolish move on behalf of the US. BB's might be hated and RIM might be suffering a slow painful death but if there is one thing NO ONE can hate or talk trash about is the ability to hammer out an email, communicate and do business related tasks quickly and efficiently with a BB and the security is second to none.

As for BB10 from what I have read and what is to be expected it is going to be the final straw for RIM, they are in so many ways making a knock off copy and form factor and styling of the iphone in hopes to capture some of the iphone crowd which they will not, fine from a reinvented business strategy but they are and will be alienating the current BB faithfuls myself included in the process when they ax many features that have made BB what they are and what put them on the map not to mention which keep their core crowd around today.

I will now step off my soapbox...