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May 9, 2008
  1. Hi guys, I've seen some cool answers in this forum and I have a few questions I couldn't find any straight answers to, I'm hoping one of you will help me out :)

    I'm going to upgrade my PC (Athlon64x2, 3G DDR2) so I can get decent (constant 75 or above) fps in TF2.

    1st question:
    I'm going to go for a Core2Duo (3GHz, 1333bus, E8400) or Core2Quad (2667MHz, 1066bus, Q6700), I'm not sure which yet. From what I've read and seen in benchmarks the extra 2 cores doesn't really help the games. Thing is, most of the time I have Thunderbird, Opera, Firefox, Pidgin, Winamp, some editors open. The Core2Quad is more expensive and potentially less powerful for games, but would the 2 extra cores help deal with the other apps in my case?

    2nd question:
    My RAM is DDR2-667MHz. Is this a bottleneck in my system? How could I find out?

    3rd question:
    I've looked at some mobos, and there are very few differences between ~$100-$200. Besides having the correct bus speed, PCI slot, RAM frequency, is anything else important for performance? The only real plus I see for more expensive mobos is the SLI support that I doubt I will ever use.

    I'm looking forward to your opinions :)
  2. Whiffen

    Whiffen TS Rookie Posts: 235

    1: Yes, it will run all those applications better with a quad core, but the 8400 is sufficient. Really I don't think the quad core will make that big of a difference in performance over the 8400. For the 8400's price/performance and because its a bit better for gaming I would go for that.

    2: As long as it isn't value RAM it shouldn't be to bad. The speed you will want depends on what speeds the mobo you get supports.

    3: You want one that has everything you will need regarding the present and future. These days ( PCI-E slot, AM2 / LGA775 socket, SATA ports, DDR2/DDR3 slots and anything else that meets your needs) which basically come with every mobo nowadays, so you want to take a looks at the chipset and FBS.

    This would be a nice one.
  3. Frantic225

    Frantic225 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The RAM issue is my biggest concern to be honest.
    Is 667MHz enough? Is it limiting the performance? Do I need to upgrade? Does anyone know?
  4. Whiffen

    Whiffen TS Rookie Posts: 235

    I think 667 MHz / DDR2 PC2 5300 or 675 MHz / DDR2 PC2 5400 will do it just right.

    Memory: 667 DRAM / 2 = 333 MHz
    Processor: 1333 FSB / 4 = 333 MHz

    Giving a 1:1 ratio so none will be bottle necked.

    Heres the formula for if you ever need to find this for anything else

    Stated FSB/4 = Actual FSB
    Multiplier x Actual FSB = CPU Speed
    1:1 Ratio: 2 x Actual FSB = RAM Speed
    1:1 Ratio: FSB = 1/2 RAM speed
    In your case:

    1333 / 4 = 333
    9 x 333 = 2999
    1:1 Ratio: 2 x 333 = ~667
    1:1 Ratio: 333 = 2 / 667

    Here is what you would need for overclocking.

    Multi x Actual FSB, RAM Speed = Clock Speed
    9 x 333Mhz, DDR2 667 RAM = 3.0Ghz <== Stock Speeds
    9 x 400Mhz, DDR2 800 RAM = 3.6Ghz <== Easy OC
    9 x 450Mhz, DDR2 900 RAM = 4.0Ghz <== Good OC
    9 x 500Mhz, DDR2 1000 RAM = 4.5Ghz <== Excellent OC
  5. Frantic225

    Frantic225 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks very much, exactly what I was looking for :)
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