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hi, i'm a noob at this site and i wasn't quite sure where to post this, so sorry if i'm in the wrong place.
So anyway i have a
GA-P35-DS3 mobo
q6600 @ 2.6ghz OC,
2gb kingston 800mhz,
gigabyte GV-RX387512H-B (hd 3870),
500gb western digital sata 2
and a 500 watt psu.
My friend has extactly the same cuz we got them at the same time but for some reason he can run games fine at hi res but mine just can't hack it. For example cod4 maxed at 1600x1200 he runs at 40-60 fps but i run it at about 8-28 fps, he runs crysis at 30-40 fps high @ 16x1200 but i have to play it on lowest at that res to get playable frames. I was hoping someone would have an idea about what the problem is because i really would like to avoid sending it back because i've OCed it so i'm pretty sure theywont take it without money.

Any help would be appriciated, cheers :)


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Ok so oyou both have the same system. I can tell you this COD4 should NOT NOT be 40fps avg or even 60fps avg, Also crysis shows a big difference between your exact same systems. Its ok bro were gonna help you fix your system so its same as your friends.

First thing is first.

Are you on x86 or 64 , Your friend is using ultimate and might be 64 OS version

We need to know what you both are using.

If your both on 32bit then that makes troubleshooting much easier.

Firstly the Home Edition of Vista does not include full DX10 support and probably a broken DX9 support. That's just random info. Not necessarily your situation.

Im concerend your using home and he ultimate.. soo we need to sort out which version u both are on.

This is definitly a driver issue as ATI hell will never go away. My dads old All in Wonder from 12 years ago, Then I said Ill take the chance maybe they fixed it and I suffered with my x800 soo much. One of the problem among many many many issues was installing a new driver set ,,, or going back ,, just junk software and drivers ATI makes. Which makes nvidia better period. Nice and clean and does what it says it does. Too many bugs especially in Vista ATI drivers.

On both computers I'm sure both were installed the same way as far as mobo drivers and graphics drivers and latest DX drivers.

Without proper mobo drivers your performance will be cut in half if not worse unplayable.

Soo firstly make sure you both have the same version motherboard drivers installed. Then make sure your both using the same version of Catalyst drivers.

Then you both get 3dmark 06 ,, which runs tests @ default.

On both machines before running this test go to ATI control panel and make sure the settings are the same.

Turn OFF AA and AF ,, turn off vsync for testing purposes only for now. take image quality to performance ,,,,, save that,, and now you both run 3dmark with these settings. Give us your score then. Also make sure your molex is going straight into the ATI ,, without going thru something else first.

Were here for you, continue to keep us posted. Well sort this out in no time...


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he is running 64 bit and i'm only on 32 bit but it didn't really make a differance back when he had 32 bit. Also for some reason i have a strong feeling it could be the mobo drivers so i will try that and get back to u on how it goes.
thanks for the help to :)

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I could run crysis in dx9 but the point is i shouldn't have to and it dosen't work anyway it still runs at about 12 fps when on 1600x1200 no matter what quality
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