Phantom software?

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Mar 22, 2008
  1. Hi Everyone,
    I use a program called Page Defrag, no doubt some of you know of it. I removed it from my second machine, there is no sign of it anywhere when I search for it. I've even reinstalled the O.S.(XP home). When I start up Page Defrag starts to run, then freezes. Where is it hiding so I can get rid of it?
    It's driving me mad!
  2. kimsland

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  3. Nodsu

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    You obviously didn't reinstall the OS - you just repaired it. And the very point of the repair install is to keep your old settings and programs!
  4. Bobbye

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    If the PageDefag was on startup, then it will be running in the background. A program can't/won't completely uninstall when it's running. If you don't want the program, remove it from startup and do the uninstall.
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    use mike lin's startup editor to stop it from running at boot up. Then use crap cleaner to remove it. both are free.
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