Physical memory dump error (blue screen)

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Dec 11, 2004
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  1. Tedster

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  2. Neiru

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    Hey guy, :)

    I have been having many of the same issues as the previous posts. For instance when I play World of Warcraft, it seems to work fine but every so often I will have it crash on me. Is this due to my graphics card driver being unstable? It is fully updated. (Nvidia Go 7300)

    I recently have had "the blue screen of death" plague me for the past few days. I have to keep booting up in safe mode, when I try to boot windows normally it auto. gives me the memory dump blue screen. This being said, it is really annoying I basically can't boot my computer, and I can't seem to play games (steadily)

    Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!


    Memory Dump, blue bcreen of death

    Dell Dimension 3000
    Pentium(R) 2.8GHz
    512mb RAM

    Each time the PC starts up, this message displays letting me know it's dumping my memory:

    STOP: C0000ZLA8}Fatal System Error

    The windows subsystem system process terminated unexpectedly with a status C…C0000005(0x7c91213E0X0052EFA8).

    The system has been shut down.

    Cd drive doesn’t read, tried to install webcam Logitech quickcam version 10.5.1 MS Windows XP Home and this issue began happening after that. I reinstalled windows and formatted the HD once and thought that'd take care of it, but it hasn't yet. Any clue on how I can get this message to stop rearing it's ugly face? Thanks!
  4. urmi

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    I am getting the message that is being talked about here

    ***STOP: 0X00000008E(0XC0000090, 0X004B4BD8, 0XEE25885C, 0X00000000)

    Beginning dump of physical memory.
    Physical memory dump system adminstrator, etc.

    I recently bought a new CPU. All components are compatible, my vendor ensured that. But I've been unable to even install the windows OS properly because of this error.
    I tried using a hard-disk with an already installed OS that works perfectly fine elsewhere but I keep getting the blue screen at boot up, i.e. windows doesn't even start so I cant fix it.
    What can I do?
  5. alirao8

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    hello every body i m new to techspot.
  6. shank26

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    physical memory dump error

    Please check ur lan card
    (Remove it and Insert it again)
    see to it that ur computer gives a beep sound
    remove ur lan card and then start ur pc
    check hardware such as hard disk(check if it is properly connected )
  7. shank26

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    Please remove ur modems and lancard any internet connections
    If this does not work then remove ur motherboard and give it in computer garage
  8. A57Strat

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    Same Problem/Different Ending - HELP!!

    I've been reading your posts on the "blue screen of death" and the dumping of physical memory. What it looks like to me, however, is that even after having these things happen, most of your computers are still operational to a large degree. Not so with mine.

    I saw the blue screen and my laptop began dumping the physical memory, but ever since, all it does when I turn it on is ATTEMPT to start Windows XP. Before the OS has a chance to fully load, the laptop shuts off, then tries to restart -- over and over again. XP never completes the load and I can't even get to the point where I can go to safe mode and navigate through my files and folders.

    I kinda think I'm screwed and the only recourse for me is to buy and install a couple of new RAM cards.

    Thanks for listening. Any ideas on this?
  9. Kserijaro

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    I got those blue screens....annoying really.allways same error,now my sistem stability is completely compromised.How to fiz eroors like this?
  10. Paolo

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    the "blue screen of death" said that beginning to dump of my physical memory....and i think it did. i scanned my local disc C using ESET NOD32 and many files said that is corrupted like ...what should i do???
  11. HughJass

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    Lack of power is a big cause of this problem
  12. Desertwolf

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    hey cpc and everyone i was wondering if you could help me solve my memory dump problem:

    two weeks ago I built a new gaming PC. I had installed many games on it such as Bioshock (uninstalled it), Gears of War (uninstalled it), Assassins Creed, Company of Heroes and TF2. Two days ago I started getting random blue screens of death that last less than 1 second, after that my PC automatically reboots. The first time this occurred was during a game on team fortress 2 but then it started occurring midway through windows, sometimes it occurs when im not even at my computer. I manage to read some of the error, i know it says memory dump then it goes through some lines of text but this occurs too quickly so i cant even see whats happening. Now its occurring every few hours..

    I was reading the post: How do I read minidumps? and i read the instructions:

    "1) Download and install the
    Debugging Tools from Microsoft[/url]
    2) Locate your latest memory.dmp file- C:\WINDOWS\ Minidump\Mini081505-01.dmp or whatever
    3) open a CMD prompt and cd\program files\debugging tools for windows\
    4) type the following stuff:

    c:\program files\debugging tools>kd -z C:\WINDOWS\ Minidump\Mini081505-01.dmp
    (it will spew a bunch)
    kd> .logopen c:\debuglog.txt
    kd> .sympath srv*c:\symbols*
    kd> .reload;!analyze -v;r;kv;lmnt;.logclose;q

    5) You now have a debuglog.txt in c:\, open it in notepad and post the content here"

    but at step 2 i cant find that folder or those files.. can anyone help me? Thanks
  13. SSJLight

    SSJLight TS Rookie

    My laptop lid closes and it enters slumber mode. When I open the lid and it would load to the login screen for the desktop sometimes it would BSOD on me and physical memory dump and all that other jargon pops up but not long enough to actually make out what it is saying. It also does it when I run a system health scan everytime. So when the laptop reboots it tells me a solution is to upgrade to vista service pack 1. Did it. Didn't work. It then referred me to Intel and I downloaded the currently available memory driver. Then I would get a slower physical dump and then it would partially load and then reboot on me with the same slow BSOD rather than being quick about it like it use to. It doesn't take too long. About 10 seconds or so. The original BSOD took about 5 or less. So I went into safe mode and restored it back to before I dl'd that driver. So now I'm stuck in limbo with no knowledge of how to get out of it without risking the laptop. I also notice whenever I get an update for HP health check it wouldn't dl and error saying stuff like java fatal error and such and some other issue. What exactly is going on?

    Error 2739 or something. Cannot access java during run time custom action. (Something along those lines.)
    Error: -1603 Fatal Error during installation. Consult Windows Installer Help (Msi.chm) or MSDN for more information.

    Tech spec:
    HP Pavilion dv9500 Notebook PC
    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5250 @1.50GHz 1.50GHz
    2.0GB RAM
    32-bit OS
    Rating 4.5
    NVidia Graphics

    Vista Home Premium Copyright 2007 Service Pack 1
  14. PowerSystems

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    It is possible that the issue is caused by a wrong or outdated driver. Simply reinstalling windows is an unnecessary step. Don't waste your time.

    Try drivers first.
  15. nobardin

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    You could try this...go here and download drivercleaner pro there is a step by step guide in the help file of drivercleaner. However, I am going to give you another step by step guide too. which is here
    I cannot stress enough follow the directions.

    Something it does't tell you about is the cab cleaner feature of driver cleaner. After you have ran driver cleaner in safe mode and have cleared all of the old drivers on the driver cleaner window click tools then click cab cleaner and this opens up the cab cleaner feature. You want to clean the file and the file.

    Once that has finished you have 2 can use ATI's drivers or you can get the omega drivers for ATI cards from

    I chose to go with the omega drivers and haven't had any issues since. If you decide to do this, let us know if it works for you.

    Another good program to have is is a free pc/registry scanning program that removes junk from your hard drive and registry. You can get it here
  16. kennex33

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    Solution of blue screen

    this problem is very easy you just buy a new memory thats all....
  17. kennex33

    kennex33 TS Rookie

    Simple you just buy a new memory. replace your old memory then put a new one.
  18. Tinkerbella

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    PSD (physical memory dump)

    reboot as soon as the blue screen comes up
    i did that on my PC & it worked

    physical memory dump is not neccessarily dangerous if yu catch the problem in time
    As i said, just restart as soon as it comes up

    hope this helpz xxx
  19. punjabiace

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    Hey so i just got that problem and i figured out that the only way to stop it is
    to press f8 when the comp is loading. then you select "Last good setting " or something along those lines this should fix your problem
  20. drifter687

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    Vista ***stop: 0x00000008e(0xc0000090, 0x004b4bd8, 0xee25885c, 0x00000000)

    on vista just after restarting press f6 it tells u to press f8 something f8 u then get a screen where u higlight last known good config.. (something like that)

    u might want to disk clean clean up ur hard disk on safe mode first.

    if the error pops up first time, maybe your computer still new don't try anything else before u have done the above.

    (warning: error websites might not work, as soon as the above works use system restore to restore the date, just in case)
  21. kelvinwong1

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    Help needed pls pls pls!

    I was playing Crysis and all of a sudden it hang and start showing weird screens. following that is the blue screen error which appear for 1sec and reboot which i can't even read what is the error. After reboot, the blue screen strike again whenever i play Crysis. Can anyone help me?
  22. karanghost

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    This all started a few days ago on world of warcraft and has persisted ever since,
    I have replaced my RAM and my Motherboard through warranties.
    Still the problem has worsened. It could have been due to power troubles since the place where I live in has frequent power fluctuations and I get weird sounds from my switchboard.

    It could be due to a faulty driver coz my realtek and Nvidia gives me a lot of errors
    Sometimes I also get the "Generic win32 has to close down and we are sorry for the inconvineince" messages. What is really scare is that one by one all my applications are becoming prey to these problems. now Mozilla firefoz won't run for more than a few seconds.
    I am getting dillusional ideas of this being some kind of a crazy microsoft viron. I have no idea how to get rid of this problem or solve it. The place where i live, I hardly get good service for computer repairs and it sucks really bad. I don't have any replacements for my drivers and will have to do with those drivers that came with the hardware when I bought it. Lets try and compare our hardware if this is a hardware related problem or if its a hardware compatibilty problem. I own the following
    Display adaptor: Nvidia Geforce 7050 PV/ Nvidia nforce 630a
    Network adaptor: NVIDIA nforce networking controller

    I own an AMD phenom 64x
    but it keeps showing:- AMD processor unknown model 2.10 Ghz
    in the properties tab and in the device manager
  23. sgthorpe

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    Also check your virus package I am an agent for NOD32 and the latest trial package version 4 has a problem with the vista o?s it crashes when i install it and gives me the blue screen with the same message so i could be an update that you installed for your virus software check it out
  24. sgthorpe

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    Hello to all

    Also check your virus package I am an agent for NOD32 and the latest trial package version 4 has a problem with the vista o?s it crashes when i install it and gives me the blue screen with the same message so i could be an update that you installed for your virus software check it out
  25. smnafeer

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    Dr SM Nafeer


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