Physical memory dump error (blue screen)

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Dec 11, 2004
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  1. amin202

    amin202 TS Rookie

    I don't know why,But i think this error is related with windows update some how!!
    I'll install service pack2 64x for win 7 .If it fix the problem,you'll be award! :D
    And if nothing happens,I'll reinstall my windows and never-ever update it... :(

    I have to add some notes too!
    I have a 32bit windows 7 too and i haven't been updated it i got that, these dumping stuffs doesn't happen in 32bit wins and non-updated systems!

    Beleave me,there is nothing wrong with your hardwares!
    It's all in softwares and specially in your windows update center...
  2. Clair42210

    Clair42210 TS Rookie

    Physical memory dumping files

    I have a laptop which is vista. On start up it goes to start windows normally or fix errors, click on either one of them and it just says dumping physical memory files and then goes bk to start windows normally or fix problem... Will not do anything, won't even start in safe mode? Please can u advise me what to do. I am messaging u on my main desktop. Is there anything i can down load onto an external hard drive to plug into laptop to try and sort the problem out?
  3. WebMasta

    WebMasta TS Rookie

    blue screen error

    Yeah.... i have the same error... Idk where does it come from but i have recently taken a "speed test" for my internet connection and from then since my pc kinda started slowing down?? Anyway, i do get the blue screen when i open my computer (I have got Windows 7 Ultimate) and after it loads up the blue screen appears. Luckly, my Win 7 has a special Startup Repair feature that helps me restore the computer at an earlier state and it takes only 5 mins or so, then it comes back to normal until next startup... I have tried uninstalling my CS:S and all other Valve games right now and i'll report back with the results...
  4. WebMasta

    WebMasta TS Rookie

    I GOT THE KEY (Win 7 ONLY!!)

    I heard that Valve games like CS or other stuff make it appear so i uninstalled my CS... The blue screen has vanished... Until i have plugged in my camera and THEN opened the PC and it worked correctly.
    The next day i opened my PC again but the blue screen reappeared and the "Startup Repair" came in. It tried fixing the system but it didn't work... it has shown me an error bout something like if i have recently plugged in a camera or music player i have to unplug it and restart Windows... I did... It didn't work....
    But you see, when the error comes up, there is some writing in blue on the bottom left of the casette that says something about fixing problems manually with command prompt or something... Click it and a language selection case will appear, then a User logon screen... Log in with ur user or password (if you don't have a password then leave the space empty) and a screen with selections will appear... Choose the System Backup one (or sumthin like backup-ing) and choose the most recent date, click Restore or Rebuild or whatever and leave it restoring, reboot ur PC and... Voila! Ur PC is back to normal in no-time!
    P.S.-do NOT, i repeat, do NOT plug ANY USB device in the USB slot BEFORE opening the PC.
    P.S.S.-I have managed to do all this stuff with no professional help ( i am a 14 yr old earging to become a programmer at Rockstar Games ^_^)
  5. WebMasta

    WebMasta TS Rookie

    I GOT THE KEY (Win 7 ONLY!!!) Step by Step

    1.Open your PC
    2.Leave the bluescreen to reboot ur computer
    3.go to Startup Repair and leave it going until it finishes (i know if you only do that the blue screens gonna reappear)
    4.When it finishes there is some blue writing in the bottom left corner that says "Fix problems manually" or something like that...Click it
    5.A language selection case will pop up... select your language
    6.A User Login case will pop up... Select your username and enter your password (if you dont have one leave the field blank)
    7.Select the System Restore and select the most recent date, click Restore or Start or whatever
    8.Leave it restoring and when it's done,reboot ur PC.
    9.Voila!! (the restore might work on viruses too)
    P.S.-NEVER PLUG IN YOUR USB DRIVES IN THE PC BEFORE YOU START IT... It may cause the blue screen to appear...
    P.S.S.-If the blue writing doesn't show up then plug some USB in the PC and the error that will show up in Startup Repair may show you the blue writing...
  6. Ivan The Terrib

    Ivan The Terrib TS Rookie

    Hey ppl , my pc gives this blue screen and says dumping physical memory , and it restarts . My cpu runs from 20%to 80% it dusnt run consitintly , disabled my anti virus(kaspersky )no its fine , but i can'leave it laik that . What is the prop with this thing?
  7. SHAAH

    SHAAH TS Rookie


    Hi i think u need to try malware anti malware bytes i've scanned and corrected several problems and later i don't get blye screen not till now so check that out
  8. Tsov1

    Tsov1 TS Rookie

    Hi how to say this I was formatting my pc I removed all what has been hard drive and was trying to install windows xp and that after copying files at the beginning and when it has to get installation after that that says that it has 39 minutes for complete formation it give the blue screen of death how can fix it could you help?

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