Picasa reduce image's quality when upload to Picasa Web

By BraveVN
Sep 28, 2013
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  1. Hi there, please help me. I use "Batch Upload" function to upload hundreds of album (thousands of pictures) from my PC to Picasa Web Album. 2 days ago, It worked normally. But today, the error occur: Picasa reduce the high quality of images (include .PNG and .JPG format) into bad quality, images are darker than the original. But when I upload directly to Web Album (not through Picasa), the error not appear. This is an example:

    Original image:

    Uploaded image:

    I've tried changing these settings, but both didn't work



    and this:
    Please help me. Thanks.
    P/S: Sorry, I'm not good at English.
  2. spongefox

    spongefox TS Rookie

    Hi,. I'm having the same problem as well. I use Picasa Web Albums for my blog and upload photos to it via a third party programme (MarsEdit).

    Just noticed today that all the images are suddenly of poor quality compared to previously.. PLEASE HELPPP
  3. spongefox

    spongefox TS Rookie

    HI THERE I have figured it out.. if you have Google+ you need to go into SETTINGS and towards the bottom of the page there should be a PHOTOS section.

    You need to TURN OFF 'Auto Enhance' and 'Auto Awesome'

    This solved the problem for me..

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