Ping related problem in counter strike1.6

By nishu2solve
May 4, 2009
  1. hey, m getting higher ping while playing counter strike 1.6 on line since 1 month also m not getting servers below 400 ping
    before a month i had no such problem,it occurred after formating my pc...
    my pc specifications are:
    160gb hardisck
    1gb ram
    intel core2 processor
    hv bsnl broadband connection
    i hv no idea abt more deep specifications bt all i know tht all the components r standard ones
    plz help me wid my problm as soon as possible...
  2. punisherdude

    punisherdude TS Rookie

    Hi Brother/Sister,
    Look..For high ping in cs1.6
    its not the problem of your system..
    its the problem of our internet connection..
    u using bsnl right..??
    Dont use bsnl..
    bsnl is not fit for playing online games..
    one more getting high is not because of format..
    and if it is not the problem of bsnl..
    you might be playing in servers which are far away from your country..
    that makes ping higher..
    the lesser the distance between your pc and the server..
    the lesser the ping..
    play in indian servers if u are an indian..
    there are a lot of indian servers...!
    i hope u understood..!
  3. nishu2solve

    nishu2solve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    plz cn u help me giving some of the indian counter strike server ids....
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